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2020 Mystic Powerboats 3800

2020 Mystic Powerboats 3800


The high-end center console market is VERY competitive, with several manufacturers that have risen above the rest. The Mystic M3800 is one of those premium boats that stands out. 

State of the art manufacturing, with composite construction like their world record-setting catamarans.

The construction of this center console gives a solid ride in any conditions and is built to hold up to years in the offshore environment. 

The design is built around the smooth ride, which is both dry and deflects wind nicely. Running the boat at speed, the occupants have a comfortable ride where you and still carry on a conversation and hear the stereo. 

The fit and finish are exceptional, with all of the amenities that you expect on a premium center console, including comfortable seating, an ergonomically laid out helm, a high freeboard, and a cabin that features a queen size be, and has 6'8" of headroom.

And then there is the performance - The M3800 performs at levels where other manufacturers need more horsepower to keep up. 

And finally, the paint finish on the M3800 - GORGEOUS!

This 2020 has 235 hours and comes with a transferable warranty. 

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